Payroll Services

What is Payroll Service and how does it work?

Payroll Service is a convenient way for you to utilize the expertise of employees without having to worry about the administrative details. When you know of a retiree, former employee or candidate who possesses expertise you need , send them to Dakota Staffing Solutions and we'll do the rest. This allows you to focus on what you do best. Dakota Staffing Solutions will hire the individual and perform all of the employer pay rolling functions and fulfill the legal obligations of the employer including: payroll, payroll deductions, state and federal unemployment insurance and workers compensation. We use a simple invoicing process for your convenience and little to no paperwork.

Why Use Payroll Service?

  • We help eliminate administrative work
  • You can utilize the talent and expertise you need without hassle, when you need it
  • You have the assurance that all the legal requirements are fulfilled
  • Employee records are maintained by Dakota Staffing Solutions
  • Convenient pay options for employees, daily or weekly