Posted: 05-15-2024


HOURS: 7:30 6pm Monday - Thursday \n 30 minute lunch\n\nJOB DESCRIPTION: \n\n* Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to the following:\n* Ability to follow directions and work independently\n* Able to lift in excess of 50 lbs,\n* Operate a chainsaw safely, to trim and or remove trees/branches.\n* Drag and chip brush.\n* Feed brush and debris into wood chipper.\n* Set up warning signs, flags and barriers to protect public and employees.\n* Relay hand signals and direct traffic when necessary.\n* Keep work area and trucks clean and orderly.\n* Maintain a clean, organized and safe working environment.\n\nJOB QUALIFICATIONS:\n\n* Athletic, must be able to work from ladders.\n* Able to withstand laborious outdoor activity.\n* Display a willingness to learn\n* Professional and courteous demeanor, and a desire for long-term employment.\n* Must show pride in themselves and the work which they perform.\n* Must be able to think critically \n* Must possess a valid drivers license.\n* Must have reliable transportation to and from the shop.