Posted: 04-19-2024


$65,000 - $85,000
Job description \n\nThe primary objective of this role is to provide oversight to our land development, heavy construction, municipal/civil projects, as well as overseeing all utility development among all our internal/external projects. Your function will be to act as a liaison between all internal staff, subcontractors, city officials and municipal staff.\n\nIn this role you will be responsible for ensuring cost-efficiency throughout the land development and construction processes. Your job will be to analyze proposals, blueprints, and all land and construction related documents to comprehensively recognize project conditions and accurately estimate costs and materials.\n\nYou will manage and maintain construction budgets and schedules, along with possessing a working knowledge of the form, content, and implementation of all building codes, obtaining construction permits, construction storm water pollution prevention plans and best management practices.\n\nYou will collaborate with land development and construction managers to align costs and prepare bids for the submittal processes. Using all the collected data, you will have to determine the project's time, labor, material, product, and development costs to determine overall final project cost.\n\nJob Qualifications:\n\nProven experience in construction estimation or related fields. Proficiency in accounting and project management. A deep understanding of technical and non-technical construction documents. \n\nProficiency in research conduction, data collection, data analysis, and estimation metrics. Applicable experience in complex data research activities. Negotiation skills and the ability to speak with a diverse group of professionals including city officials, bank presidents, and sub-contractors/construction workers.\n\nYou should be an excellent communicator – both verbal and written communications. Proficient in mathematics, critical thinking and problem solving. You should have expertise in using data analysis tools and computer programs, including modern construction management software platforms. Attention to detail and time management skills are a must, along with an in-depth understanding of data analysis techniques and K.P.I.’s.