Posted: 04-19-2024


Job Description: \n\nThis position is an entry level position responsible for providing technical assistance on all rotating equipment to ensure safe and compliant operation, while maximizing equipment availability and minimizing maintenance expenses. \n\n* Optimize preventative maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) programs to improve equipment condition monitoring and reduce production losses due to equipment failures. \n\n* Analyze data obtained from vibration, lubrication, acoustic ultrasound, thermography, and compressor/turbine performance monitoring programs to continually improve rotating equipment performance.\n\n* Troubleshoot, performs root cause failure analysis and cost/benefit analysis to develop and implement engineering solutions for design improvements and/or equipment upgrades. \n\n* Assist in the development of repair plans, repair checklists, and maintenance procedures for critical equipment overhauls to ensure quality and accurate project schedules. \n\n* Provide technical support to the field by recommending corrective maintenance activities to properly restore rotating equipment assets back to optimum design conditions and provide oversight for major rotating equipment repairs and overhauls to ensure quality.\n\n* Assist with Facility Plan projects; collaborate with Engineering as needed for support, develops cost/benefit analysis, and makes recommendations for equipment and priorities based on history and reliability statistics.\n\n* Ensure equipment spare parts are optimized by determining recommended suppliers, assisting with equipment bill of material revisions, and recommending min/max inventory levels. Provide support in the maintenance and failure analysis of warehouse inventory within the repairable spares process.\n\n* Support the development of asset management plans and other reliability improvement efforts by providing rotating equipment expertise. Participates in the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and metrics for rotating equipment performance and plant wide PM/PdM programs.\n\n* Assist in providing technical input on maintenance and maintenance engineering procedures to ensure compliance with the Mechanical Integrity protion of the Occupational Safetly and Health Association (OSHA) Process Safety Management Standard.\n\n* Maintains plant drawings, asset specification data and process safety information in Asset Suite, APM, and Fusion. Maintain equipment vibration alarm/trip set points, alignment specifications, and lube oil specifications within APM. Utilizes AutoCAD to develop design information and to revise existing plant drawings.\n\n* Assist in specifying new equipment, facilitating equipment component standardization, and contributing subject matter expertise to determine life cycle costs for equipment invoved in new projects. Participates in the checkout/acceptance testing and commissioning of new equipment installations.\n\n* Complete annual auditing of critical equipment to identify disrepencies, reports findings, and recommend applicable corrective maintenance plans. Review and follows up on rotating equipment repair documentaion to ensure quality, safety and reliability. \n\nThis position maintains internal communications within Engineering, Process Operations, Maintenance, Planning, Procurement, Health, Safety, and Environmental. External communications include consultants and vendors.\n\nJob Qualifications: \n\n* A four-year degree from an Engineering Accreditation Commission/Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) accredited mechanical engineering program.\n\n* Broad knowledge of advanced mechanical techniques, theories, practices and problem-solving skills.\n\n* Excellent written and verbal communication skills. \n\n* Valid driver’s license. This position is a Department of Transportation (DOT) (PHMSA) qualified position.