Posted: 02-28-2024


$18.00 - $32.00
Hours: 7am - 5pm \n\nJob Description:\n\n* An insulator applies insulating material to exposed surfaces of structures such as air ducts, hot and cold pipes, storage tanks, and cold storage rooms by performing the following duties.\n* Ability to select required insulation material (in sheet, tubular or roll form), such as fiberglass, foam rubber, Styrofoam, cork or urethane, based on material’s heat retaining or excluding characteristics.\n* Brushes adhesives on or attaches metal adhesive-backed pins to flat surfaces as necessary to facilitate application of insulation material\n* Measures and cuts insulation material to specified size and shape for covering flat or round surfaces\n* Fits, wraps or attaches required insulation material around or to structure following blueprint specifications\n* Covers or seals insulation with preformed plastic covers, canvas strips, sealant, or tape to secure insulation to structure according to type of insulation used and structure covered.

No Felony charges\nPass a Pre-Employment Drug test\nValid Driver's License required