Posted: 08-19-2022


Job Description: \n\nThis position, with assistance, implements the procurement, and validation of power measurement data directly and indirectly with problem solving skills related to clients generation and transmission service assets and member load. This position is responsible to implement the demand and energy unit billing determinants for the monthly Class A Member revenue determination, Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) load and generation data. The position implements the member billing process, through the assistance and close supervision of the manager, to determine the Class A Member Rate components and member contract arrangements. In addition, this position assists in the support needed for upstream and downstream business groups.\n\nNATURE AND SCOPE:\n\nThis position reports directly to the Manager, RTO/ Delivery Services. \n\nEssential Duties:\n\n* Implement, with assistance, the Itron MV90 software application for revenue \n meter interrogation, technical analysis, and data set aggregation to determine \n Basin Electric’s demand and energy units for Class A Member Revenue and \n RTO obligations.\n\n* Use the Itron MV90 software to access load delivery and generation meter sites \n to obtain revenue quality interval data. Assist in troubleshooting revenue \n meter issues and communicate with Meter technicians and engineers.\n\n* Assist in the review of measurement data for completeness, trends, \n discrepancies, and other anomalies. Validate revenue quality interval data \n in order to ensure accuracy. Provide input on possible solutions to provide \n best available billing units with inadequate meter data per industry standards. \n\n* Assist in the maintenance of clients Wholesale Power Contracts Delivery \n Points which are documented in the Member Revenue’s Meter Attributes database. \n\n* Analyze, develop, and provide, with Manager’s review, the demand and energy\n billing units for clients Rate Schedule A components. Assist in creating \n and administering the calculation and proper implementation of \n member- related contractual agreements regarding Power Services Agreements, \n RTO transmission charges, wheeling and ancillary services, clients \n Rate Schedule A, and such related items. \n\n* Build good member relations with open discussion between the members \n and client regarding the metering, development of billing determinants, \n application of rates, and load measurement. Maintain good working \n relationships with other utility industry counterparts to efficiently be able to \n acquire load and electric system information for member revenue and other needs.\n\nThe greatest challenges of the position are \n\n1) to maintain the relationship with the membership during the billing process and resolve associated issues, and \n\n2) to implement the member billing determinations of clients Power Cooperative (BEPC) per Manager’s direction; and \n\n3) to understand member metering information and ability to problem solve to determine appropriate demand and energy values. \n\nThe incumbent interacts with staff of other departments, cooperative members, other utilities, industry entities, and government regulators.\n\nAchievement of the positions’ accountabilities may be measured by the contribution to the strategic objectives of the Cooperative and the formulation of creative strategies and processes to fulfill the responsibility of the position. \n\nQUALIFICATIONS:\n\nTo perform effectively in this position, the incumbent must have minimal understanding of the electrical power supply industry, generation operation, and electrical metering industry, which is acquired through the completion of a four-year degree in business, accounting, an Engineering Accreditation Commission/Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) accredited engineering program or a related field, and two years of related experience in accounting or business. The ability to demonstrate good verbal and written communication skills is required. The incumbent must also be proficient with personal computers and Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.