Posted: 11-20-2023


* Works with business development to develop contract with the owner.\n* Helps to prepare proposals as required.\n* Presents proposals to prospective client.\n* Manages and maintains budget through design.\n* Open Job Numbers and facilitate completion of job cost report.\n* Select contractors and vendors / draft subcontracts.\n* Schedule/facilitate pre-construction meetings.\n* Review project with Jobsite Superintendent.\n* Schedules and facilitates jobsite meetings.\n* Creates project development schedule and drives the progress of the project (integrates all resources and keeps the project on track).\n* Coordinates all of CCC resources to complete projects.\n* Initiates/ monitors shop drawing log.\n* Initiates closeout procedure to meet project requirements.\n* Setup job cost report.\n* Facilitates meetings with appropriate parties to ensure \n timely payment. Monitors monthly payments.\n* Reviews estimate with Jobsite Superintendent and Trade Superintendents.\n* Monitors labor and equipment production and makes adjustments as required.\n* Completes monthly cost reports.\n* Prepares and submits invoices to owner.\n* Processing of change orders.\n* Approves subcontractor and contractor invoices. \n* Develop and set expectations for your project that are attainable and communicate these to your clients.\n* Keep your clients informed on a regular basis.\n* Works to exceed client expectations.\n* Educates clients and team to build consensus and buy into Project Goals. \n* Identifies most likely risks that could occur on the project and makes sure plan is in place to manage or mitigate risk to other parties.\n* Makes sure builder’s risk is in place as well as proper level of E & O Insurance. \n* Completely understand client’s issues and objectives and make sure these things are communicated to the team.\n* Assure bid pre-qualification statement process is complete and verify bond approval and insurance requirements.\n* Communicate to Estimator if a bid form or a proposal will be required including the number of copies needed.\n* Knowledge of bid forms/alternatives and verify the bid runner is notified and review times (as necessary).\n* Review bid form with bid runner and coordinate plan distribution.\n* Work with and report to the Sales team reviewing the bid.\n* Plan for and use established bidding procedures assuring adequate sub contract/vendor solicitation occurs (i.e. major trades have min. 3 bids or as agreed with client).\n* Ensure that all bids for each trade are received and adjusted so that they reflect the same scope and can be compared to each other.\n* Act as key contact person for Architect and/or Owner for all project questions whether in-house or with subcontractors.\n* Arrange a minimum of 2 pre-bid meetings. First meeting to establish format and red flag items. Second meeting (3 days prior to proposal date) to check the progress and interact of job sequencing/coordination.\n* Verify assignments to quantity “take offs” with Estimating Coordinator and confirm all information is disseminated to subcontractors, vendors, and others working on the bid.\n* Establish format required for “take off’.\n* Monitors, reviews, and oversees subcontract coverage and coordination between trades and divisions of work.\n* Coordinates with Sales and Design to determine the scope of work, proposal format, and drawing requirements.\n* Understand all specifications, plans, site through electrical, regardless of separate primes.\n* Communicate scope of work and proposal requirements to Estimating. \n* Ensure that all general condition items are completed and reviewed including Safety.\n* Develop project schedule and establish time frame as required.\n* Maintain proper atmosphere and delegate tasks in the bid room.\n* Evaluate scopes of bids and supervise the entering /take offs on the bid summary. Make adjustments on bid discrepancies as necessary.\n* Review risk analysis with Principal and secure mark-up denoting: client/owner, timing of year, amount of self-performance, assigning Foreman/Superintendent, type of project, etc.\n* Ensure the bid # and all required forms should be closed and completed the day before the bid is due. Adjustments can then be made the day of the bid.\n* Must support every project stake holder on the Safety Circle of Influence concept.\n* Promote, encourage, and defend the concept of behavioral safety. \n* Defend our philosophy/engage with subcontractor leadership if necessary.\n* Support a team-oriented environment where employees support one another.\n* Provide excellent internal customer service.\n* Remain accountable to my commitments.\n* Produce my own quality work as a component of the team that delivers only the highest quality to its customers.\n* Seek to improve my skills so as to contribute to a team that is continually providing more and better service to its customers.\n* Traveling to the job site is crucial to remain connected to your project and “hands-on” team. At the end of the day, we are looking for someone who takes pride in their work and keeps the end in mind for their projects.