Posted: 11-02-2022


$45K-$55K DOEQ
Title: On-site Buyer and Crib Support\n \nPrinciple Duties and Responsibilities:\n \nBuyer Responsibilities:\n\n* To support client’s day to day buying needs through generation of RFQs and emergency spot buys to facilitate the order process within in the company’s e-procurement system;\n* Resolve issues where suppliers have rejected an order for price, obsolescence, product line discontinuance, supplier minimums and or supplier order quantities, etc.;\n* Maintain working relationships with suppliers including order placement, on-time deliveries, and cost savings;\n* Identify alternative sources when existing sources cannot meet customer needs;\n* Assist site with expediting services for existing orders as required by the customer;\n* Understand and follow published commodity strategies and support the maintenance of the commodity notes;\n* Manage transactions to published averages month to month, based on the Purchasing transaction types and internal timing expectations document;\n* Prior to a transaction reaching the first point of escalation, enter internal notes indicating the reason the transaction is open, next steps, expected completion timing and indication that the customer has been notified of the status;\n* Support root cause analysis for transactions that have reached the second point of escalation within the expected timeline; \n* Adhere to catalog standards/item content to ensure accurate and complete descriptions, reasonable ships within times and images where available;\n* Serve as the plant point-of-contact for company’s Sourcing and Purchasing personnel concerning informational needs;\n* Initiate working relationships with new suppliers to support the company’s procurement strategies while improving the service delivery and cost savings requirements of the customers. When offered an alternative item from a supplier, escalate to appropriate plant representative for review and approval;\n* Manage supplier training programs, technical evaluations and / or new product offerings to enhance the customer’s experience, as required;\n\nRequisitioner Responsibilities:\n\n* To support the Client’s day to day buying needs through initiating requisitions for product or services to meet the customer’s requirements;\n* Maintain working relationships with customers to ensure that all procurement related requirements are being fully met;\n* Review past due orders report and take necessary actions;\n* Manage returns with supply base; contact supplier to obtain RMA and follow \nCustomer/Company process;\n\n* Resolve any supplier performance problems including short shipments, damages in shipment and service or support issues;\n* Work with customer to understand recurring issues, identify root cause, suggest and help implement solutions;\n* Coordinate supplier visits including Vendor Managed Inventory and / or Vendor Managed Ordering programs (VMI/VMO) with suppliers as required;\n* Communicate with the customers suppliers the need for meeting stocking and delivery requirements as needed;\n* If applicable, review order status in company’s e-procurement system to monitor any orders which have been cancelled in the company’s system but remain open in SAP (or other customer systems)—determine if further action is required; determine if an order has shipped and contact suppliers regarding order shipments as required; \n* If applicable, Review the cancelled PO notifications to compare what is open in SAP (or other customer systems) for reconciliation and monitoring of past due orders; follow defined process to manage EDI error automatic cancellations; \n\nCrib Responsibilities:\n\n* Assist maintenance leaders in the identification of critical requirements, as required;\n* Support the Total Productive Maintenance Coordinator in the planning of maintenance activities through the staging of required maintenance items, as required;\n* Assist with implementation and use of the Store Room application, as required;\n* Access and maintain plant floor inventory ensuring efficient use of assets, where applicable;\n* Gather items from designated receiving area(s) and relocate to the crib, as required;\n* Unpack items from shipping containers, as required;\n* Place inventory into designated locations and update the Storeroom system to reflect accurate inventory levels, as required;\n* Work with other company Buyers to evaluate min/max levels in customer’s inventory system to ensure no stock outs, economic order quantities and lowest possible inventory levels, as required;\n* Work with company team members to establish efficient and effective inventory management practices and processes;\n* Gather items to be reworked or re-sharpened;\n* Other duties as assigned by management;\n\nKnowledge, Skills and Abilities:\n\n* General understanding of plant operations and requirements;\n* Knowledge of purchasing practices and standard purchasing systems would be beneficial;\n* Ability to perform cost analyses, as required;\n* Capable of conducting price and term negotiations with suppliers that meet customer goals and commitments;\n* Demonstrate strong skills in verbal and written communications;\n* Strong customer care skills;\n* Ability to problem-solve;\n* Time management/meeting strict deadlines;\n* Teamwork;\n* Attention to detail;